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  1. You guys are just awesome... The thing is Gromnir the current attribute system is the exact thing that invalidates non-traditional attribute setups... If you are playing trial of iron , path of the damned for instance you would want to maximise the effectivity of all your party members. The problem is the attribute system immediately lets you do that. So you are bound to only one traditional attribute setup. A good attribute system will have many trade-offs so you would think many times before cutting one point from constitution or might when creating a fighter tank character or a barbaria
  2. Could you also make something about Constitution, Might, Intelligence and other stats? So that min-maxing a class is more difficult? Some problems I've identified are: 1: Currently Constituion has very low value in the Game. Even for barbarians the boost you get from other stats are much greater. I've seen Fighter builds for instance with 6-7 Constitution with maxed perception and resolve (and also minimum might) that can stands against loads of damage and can interrupt like hell while dealing very weak damage... It is a fighter afterall and having 3 might and 8 constitution really breaks t
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