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  1. You guys are just awesome... The thing is Gromnir the current attribute system is the exact thing that invalidates non-traditional attribute setups... If you are playing trial of iron , path of the damned for instance you would want to maximise the effectivity of all your party members. The problem is the attribute system immediately lets you do that. So you are bound to only one traditional attribute setup. A good attribute system will have many trade-offs so you would think many times before cutting one point from constitution or might when creating a fighter tank character or a barbarian. Min-maxing would not be possible without trade-offs in such an attribute system. If you min-max then you ll be certain that you are sacrificing something crucial to get some good benefit. It would be about trade offs... Such is not the case with PoE's attribute system... The minimum might, low constitution fighter tank is the best tank in the game... Right from the start to the end game... This is because Perception and Resolve both give deflection, perception gives interrupt so that your fast hitting fighter can interrupt mobs effectively increasing defensive advantage and resolve gives concentration so your fighter's attacks are less likely to be interrupted. Dexterity gives speed so you interrupt more often and cover up for the damage lost due to low might... Fighter already has high hp/level so constitution can be dumped to certain degree... Might on the otherhand is utterly pointless. Also there are very very few enemies in the game that attack fortitude so fortitude does not mean much. Deflection > Fortitute as a thumb rule. So it is right from the start obvious that a minimum might and low constituion fighter tank is superior to all other tank setups. It is also obvious that some races are such as Fire Godlikes or Moonelves or Moon Godlikes are far more superior to other classes in tanking such as the human... Which invalidates other fighter setups really if you arent a masochist who would waste lots of hours micro managing all your characters in the game so they dont get killed in trial of the iron... The thing is this setup is more preferable (very easily) compared to others... Which breaks the attribute system and destroys variety in the game. You can of course go for other setups like a max might constitution tank but good luck with that. I would call you a masochist. Second role playing game (RPG) is all about role playing. You put yourself in the position of your character. Reflect your own decisions in the game. And lots and lots of players play RPGs for the role playing feeling... So when I say a 3 might 8 const fighter breaks the role playing feeling I am making a very valid point for a lot of gamers out there. So attributes should more or less physically correspond to the class you are playing... A super intelligent barbarian for instance is unheard of... You may of course ignore it. But many customers wont be interested that much in the game because such inconsistencies.
  2. Could you also make something about Constitution, Might, Intelligence and other stats? So that min-maxing a class is more difficult? Some problems I've identified are: 1: Currently Constituion has very low value in the Game. Even for barbarians the boost you get from other stats are much greater. I've seen Fighter builds for instance with 6-7 Constitution with maxed perception and resolve (and also minimum might) that can stands against loads of damage and can interrupt like hell while dealing very weak damage... It is a fighter afterall and having 3 might and 8 constitution really breaks the role playing feeling... Possible Solutions: A: Constitution may have additional affects... For instance it can give +0.5 DR per point after 10 and can give -0.5 DR per point below 10. B: Constitution may help mitigate armor debuffs. For instance each point in constitution above 10 may cut say %5 of the recovery time debuff on armor. For instance a character with 20 constituion will have (20 - 10) * %5 = %50 reduction in recovery time on armor. If this character wears a heavy full plate armor he/she will get -%25 recovery time instead of the original -%50. The boost is less for medium and light armor as it is proportional. So a %30 recovery time debuff medium armor will reduce to %15 for this character. Similarly a 5 constituion mage will be penalized by (5-10)*%5 = -%25 reduction. If the mage is a battle mage and wears a %40 reduction heavy armor it will be %50 reduction. 2. Currently Intelligence have too much importance for barbarian. This also breaks the role playing feeling as barbarians are historically muscular but dump warriors capable of rushing into the battle in a frenzy or berserk state and butchering everyone. They do not think or do something else. Intelligence stat in the game on the other hand affects both the area of affect radius of the barbarian attacks and also the barbarian buff durations which are very criticial. For instance constituion is also currently marked as one of the two primary stats of the barbarian but it is again useless. I've never seen a valid barbarian build for path of the damned that exceed 10-12 constituion. But almost all builds max out intelligence... Possible solution: A: Barbarian shouts and the frenzy state affects can be removed from the affects that can be expanded (in terms of duration) with intelligence. They can be fixed. Their durations for instance can be increased with barbarian talents acquired at each level. Dexterity can become the new secondary stat for the barbarian. Intelligence may affect only the durations of spells, blessings etc. To compensate for this, each point in constituion may give slight DR to the barbarian as I discussed in the first problem. 3. Might is useless for tanks... Perhaps not for paladins but for fighters who wanna tank the primary stat of the fighter that is might is useless. I've seen very valid builds in which it is set to 3 only. And the performance of the tank is just awesome. Just block a passage with it and let your guys kill the monsters. Possible Solutions: A: Might can determine what armor types and weapons a character can wear or wield. And this can be stated in the tool-tip text during character creation. For instance two-handed weapons and heavy armor may require 14+ might. One handed weapons and medium armor may require 6-12. Wands, Scepters, Rods and Light Armor may require 6-. The thresholds can vary. But this would force tanking fighters to stack at least some might to perform well in a fight.
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