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  1. Necroing this thread (sort of), but I have a few questions regarding this fight. (Normal dificulty) I position myself quite well at the end of the stairs, kill the Archmage and priest early on as a first priority and double up on the Champions/Paladins with my melee fighters while I heal with my priest and cast spells with my mage. I have a party of six (Barbarian, Paladin, Fighter, Ranger, Mage, Priest). All well so far. However, once that is done, I am in deep trouble because the rest of the bunch keep healing themselves to full Endurance while Raedric runs around finishing off my casters. Who is the one responsible for the full healing of these guys? I can't figure it out! That guy is of course priority number one to get rid of, after the squishy Archmage of course. The loss is inevitable if I can't prevent them from returning to full Endurance. Thanks in advance.
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