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  1. "Am afraid lots of games do this nowadays. The DVD doesn't have the media on it, only the set up files." I appreciate you responding to this, especially since this seems to be a Steam problem and not an Obsidian one. I tried getting technical support from Steam, but their only solution was to send me to this forum. I purchased the game version specifically for the DVD. I inspected the media itself and it appears to have the full 6 gigabyte content that I am now downloading from Steam over several days. If you look at the link in the original post, you will see a disclaimer that the
  2. I bought Pillars of Eternity: Champion Edition from Amazon.com because it came on a DVD instead of a download. I have very limited bandwidth, so the DVD media was a paramount issue. I tried to install from the DVD, but the installation immediately switched to a 6GB download. I ran it overnight and it is only 30% downloaded. I tried doing this, but to no avail. Is there a way that I can install from the media instead of a download? Steam is supposed to do the DRM, no be a stumbling block for installation. Please respond with a resolution to this issue.
  3. I am trying to install Pillars of Eternity from the CD I purchased specifically from the UK. I have limited bandwidth and don't want to spend days downloading the game. I tried this and followed it to the letter, but it went into downloading mode anyway It was my impression that Steam is supposed to do the DRM for their games and not become a major stumbling block to game play. I tried getting Technical Support from Steam, but they just send me to this forum.
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