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  1. For whatever reason, I felt compelled to reply to this, but anywho.. Your idea of "Average" stats is a bit skewed. In RPGs that use the D&D attribute system of 3 to 18, an attribute of "15" is not average. This is essentially how attributes were explained in the D&D Manual: • 3 is a crippled individual, or someone nearly deficit in whichever attribute. (e.g.: 3 Agility/Dexterity means you can't even walk.) • 8 is slightly below par, such as a computer nerd who has below-average strength, but isn't completely weak. • 10 is the average, every-man regular joe attribute level. e.g. 10 intellegence is equivalent to an average person's IQ • 15 is very, very high. e.g.: 15 to 17 strength/might would be the equivalent to a professional bodybuilder • 18 or higher is the attribute level of a demigod, for lack of a better word. Example: Hercules may have 19 strength in a CRPG
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