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  1. Switching to windowed mode helped me just a little while. After couple transitions between areas, crashes started to occur again. I don't have external monitor and I only have one GPU ("Intel Iris 1536 MB"), so aforementionted fix is not going to work for me. Developers, let me know how can I help. I can send you logs, run test code, or do whatever is needed to get this fixed. This is way too great game to prevent Mac users to enjoy this.
  2. Same issue here. The game is pretty much unplayable right now. Attaching crash log here: Cant EDIT: added spoiler tags
  3. I have had very similar problem with all updates of PoE. I believe the issues mentioned above is the same as reported in this post: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/72780-crash-on-save-mac-os/ I'm running v1.0.6 of PoE on OS X 10.10.3 Please find the crash log from below. Unfortunately this crash made the came unplayable for me, please fix this. Cant EDIT: Added spoiler tags
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