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  1. Okay, I think I finally made it ^^ I killed the guards, Azo, then I got out by killing those who attacked me (pretty much everyone :D) And the quest appeared in my journal like it was ended. Strange bug... Many thanks for helping dear Omnicron!!! And sorry for my bad english ^^
  2. Hello Omnicron, First of all thanks a lot for helping! It was driving me crazy, now I can have hope I tried with the save file you gave me, and everyone is attacking me in the sanatorium (the guards, magicians, etc.). But maybe it's ok, cause you killed the guards before to get the key? The statue upstairs won't talk to me because of it... How can I do? I uploaded my most recent save file so you can look at it (I've done a few side quest since then). Or just tell me if there is a workaround https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B7DzA5ZeYCAkfkJIS0xVVVVPb2ZpNV9DV25DLV83SUxrdkt6X3FTbWpxQzdxdERITkczUzA&usp=sharing Thanks again mate!
  3. Well, I tried what you said Omnicron. Unfortunatly if I kill the two guards to get access to the north door, I can talk to Azo and the patient, fight against the final wave, but the quest does'nt appers in my journal. I can't talk to anyone in the Sanatorium anymore (they attack my group cause of what I did to their friend). I tried to kill Azo too, but no key was present on the body. So I guess I can't progress... Don't know what to do...
  4. I guess it's a bug yes. I'll wait a little more for maybe a fix or somehting and then i'll try what u suggested. Thx man.
  5. Description: I can't progress in the Sanitarium main quest. I've talk to everyone in here. The statue and Audmer: no talking options remaining, neither of them give me access to the locked rooms in the basement. Bellasege: I went to her first a while ago and talked to her about Aloth. She made an experiment, I stole the notes, and now she won't talk again. Finally, Moedred, who talks to me about his research but won't give me any access either. The north east and north doors are locked, I need a key or a permission to access. Steps: - I went to Bellasege first, talked to her about Aloth and stole the notes - Then i went to the statue, talked to him about everything I could - Then Audmer , same, and finally Moedred. Files: Save file and system specs: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B7DzA5ZeYCAkfkJIS0xVVVVPb2ZpNV9DV25DLV83SUxrdkt6X3FTbWpxQzdxdERITkczUzA&usp=sharing
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