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  1. I was hoping to see monk unarmed accuracy increased, or at least not decreased 'cos of dual wielding. since playing an unarmed monk is by default dual wielding your fists, you do not get to choose, and i do not understand why it is treated the same as a barbarian wielding an axe in one hand and a sabre in another. i mean its your natural limbs after all and you are a monk trained with them all your life and you cant even enchant them in terms of damage or accuracy. it does not even feel right in terms of flavor to get peasant weapon focus for a monk to learn how to swing his/her fists accurately. also when using torments reach(or similar abilities) accuracy is calculated with the same dual wielding setting, but by default and animation torments reach is a kicking attack done with only one leg. the last thing i would like to add is an attack per round or attack speed info would be nice in character sheet, we can see the damage there but it is not viable since we do not know how frequently the character attacks. i mean there is the speed info on weapon to give an idea but with all the other modifiers coming from two weapon style, swift strike and buffs etc. it is hard to perceive your characters attack speed, we cant even understand if there is a bug preventing these effects from stacking or if there is a cap for attack speed. I know this is a unique setting, not a D&D copycat, which is why i am too bold in my suggestions. thank you in advance for reading and for your comments fellow gamers and developers (i am also in software development business) and pardon my language if i have any mistakes since i am not a native speaker.
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