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  1. lol, I'm playing a 2weapon focus Rouge at char-lvl 5 (13,5k exp atm), and almost killed dweller and his group solo (I'm doing a solo-run on normal+expert). The other bounties I don't have a chance in hell (getting gangraped :D) ATM I searching every point of exp, so I can lvl up to 6 (15k exp) before I get into Act2
  2. Same topic but different char (switched to melee Wild Orlan Rogue with 2WeaponStyle and DeadfireArchipelago+Mercenary Background - now at Lvl5 (11,8k exp), Ranger became useless for solo after a short while - with current Patch and no cheating etc it's much harder than it supposedly was until Patch/PoE 1.04) I just became the new fortress owner and started to rebuild/repair it, and I wonder if I MAY can hire NPCs for the sole purpose of defending my castle when I'm not there etc - of course without loosing the Solo-Achievement. Pls only answer if you KNOW it, guesswork I can do myself.
  3. PoE Champion edition newest version (automatically updated by steam) Well, 1st thing (close-combat-rouge lvl3 in chapter 1; bug): I am/was in the Temple of Eothas in Gilded Vale, when i noticed my endurance is stuck at 30of 64 - this is even when I'm not in combat, not wearing any armor (which just slows down regeneration, but doesn't stop it completely anyways), and according to my char-screen etc I'm not sick etc (i only have 2 buffs: one from resting in Merchant's Stay Apartment, another from having the "wreckless assault" talent/mode activated) !endurance also stuck when I disabled "wreckless assault" + stealth mode, AND restarted the whole game! 2nd: is there a way to heal yourself in chapter1 (health - not endurance/stamina; resting/camping not included) 3rd: when I buff myself up (expensive apartments, food+scrolls+equipment etc) and my main-char is a Ranger, do these buffs also count/work for my animal companion (which I'm supposed to have a sort of soulbond/connection with) 4th (bug): sometimes PoE is stuck loading a new area/map/screen and the game STILL starts paused, and won't unpause until you alt-tabbed to windows and back to PoE... update: I've managed to unfreeze the endurance regeneration by resting in a tavern (already sucessfully tested comabat after that) - however it shouldn't have happened in the 1st place (game is installed on - even for SSDs fast - SSD, Data+Windows-Profiles-Folder is on a separate HDD - I'm an administrative IT expert/professional)
  4. (hopefully) last PoE newbie question: If i buff myself up (rings+foods+rest appartments etc), do whese buffs only count for my char/ranger, or also for my pet (which i'm supposed to have a sort of soulbound resp. be connected to)? can't yet find an explict yes or no (searched wiki on gamepedia.com)
  5. btw: I just killed the 2 bears (mature+young one on hard+expert) in the bearcave in ValeWood - took quite a lot of buffing (rest at tavern room -> +2resolve + savory pie + pearlwood chicken) and reloading (crits + working abilities), but I've made it :D but the 2x33exp are a very poor reward for such strong enemies I've made a screenshot with the whole fight protocol/messages, char was at lvl3 (just a warbow, mail armor, minor cloak of protection, adventurer weapon focus) and my antelope reflex as tank (which was getting unconcious during the fight)
  6. so the mercenaries for hire are just player created ones? (didn't yet hire one, only saw them the the 1st tavern) But - independant if they die anyways later on - having Calisca and Heodan doesn't count against the solo achievement if you keep them from the beginning?
  7. (post may also count as technical support question) I want to gain the Steam Achievement "Solo" (in hard difficulty+expert mode btw) - it says: "complete the game without taking any companions after Cilant Lis" Does this mean I can get the achievement if i keep Calisca (the fighter your given directly after starting the game) and Heodan (Thief, given at the very beginning if you rescue him) Also: is it possible to hire the generic mercenaries/adventures your offered in taverns and such? If have to get this right in order to max my chances at completing the game at the given mode/difficulty, without doing it for (almost) nothing (not getting the achievement) Btw: I try this run - my 1st true run/attempt at completing POE, but I am an D&D/D20/Inifinity-Engine+Neverwinter Nights veteran - with a Wood Elf ranged Ranger, tank as pet (either Bear or Antelope) and the following stats (after cultural/background bonuses (deadfire archiepelago + hunter)): Might: 16 Constitution: 10 (Antelope or Bear as tank, shooting from distance) Dextery: 16 Perception: 16 Intellict: 8 Resolve: 12 (I don't really know how important duration for ranged Ranger is; but I'd change int to 6, and resolve to 14; since resolve is more important (bonus on defense+concentration; Dex+Per for reflex etc))
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