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  1. Thanks for the great patch and all the hard work! It looks like I've found a (new?) bug: wielding a 1H weapon in the off-hand now gives both main-hand fist and the off-hand weapon full accuracy. Eep! Experiencing this on characters from a new game started ~5? revisions ago in 1.05b. I'm assuming it's a problem in the full release but I guess it could be an artifact from the beta versions. Thanks again! Keep on rockin, you beautiful sassy unicorns.
  2. Update - problem persists. I cleared local data and reinstalled. Booted fine into 1.04, but crashed again starting up into 1.05b. Very, very different player.log this time, though; Matt: I will message you that link in a moment. I really really (really, really really) hope we get this fixed soon, I am addicted to this amazingly superb game and am trying to start a new playthrough, and am fiercely looking forward to, especially, companion rebuilds, so I've got to wait for 1.05 to function. Oh plz plz plz fix! Thanks!
  3. I'm having a similar (same?) problem on my Mac. Just updated to 1.05 and now when I launch the game it spools for a moment (window flashes on screen, icon briefly in dock). Tried restarting Steam and my Mac, and verified files (everything checked out fine.) Will either delete local files & reinstall (will be results if I do) or might drop back to 1.04. Matt - uhhh, Mr. Sheets ( ) - I'm about to message you a Dropbox link to my player log. As you'll see, there's... just... a wild amount of stuff going wrong. I'm on a 2013 Macbook Pro 15" Retina 2.4GHz Intel i7, 8GB Ram, 500GB SSD, NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M 1GB. Thanks for looking into this. Thanks for... well, everything I guess
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