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  1. It's absurd that a game-breaking bug like this survived to the final patch and beyond. Just happened to me too - I confronted him head-on in command, the conversation fired, then combat started but B wasn't there. I killed everyone but there was no sign of him during the battle.

    Edit: I had to go back and do the Lamond path (stealing his ship) which did lure Benewith up to the rampart allowing me to kill him - so at least that's a workaround.

  2. Sorry for excavating this thread, but I just had to say the obvious that it's all about party composition. I'm currently doing a playthrough with pure Stormspeaker Tekehu dual-wielding in melee (obviously off the tank which is Eder) specced for speed. I don't need a druid in the backline because I have Aloth there taking care of CC and quite importantly Combusting Wounds... which will synergize nicely with Tekehu (and with my main who dual-wields blunderbuss).

    Chanters are THE best buffers who can oporate from the frontline, because their phrases are passive, most invocations are near-instant, and they cover many more situations than paladins. Summons just aren't needed for this philosophy, they are good for other builds.

    By the way Aloth is going to put the Watershaper's Focus to good use once he gets Freezing Pillar.

  3. In terms of min/max, Intellect is a complete no-brained for Barbarians (just like for most other classes, especially all spellcasters). Like Atchod said, you max it.


    As far as I know though, reach weapons do not affect the range of Carnage. I may be wrong, though, and I'm sure someone will point it out if I am.


    But intellectual barbarians is as much of a staple in PoE as the paladins lacking in resolve and the muscle-wizards.

    It seems like fairly common knowledge that reach weapons DO affect the range of carnage, unless a lot of people are mistaken. That's why I asked. A reach weapon gives you +80% weapon range. I mean, minning int pulls you back just -42%, so technically you still have a better than average Carnage AoE with a pike or quarterstaff, even if you've minned int.

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