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  1. For 2.01, the day 17 pair, gauntlets of accuracy & blunting belt, aren't in Raedric's Keep, main floor, desk & bed anymore. I know the days in which these items appear in-game are different from hilfazer’s list, but the order in which they’ve appeared always stayed the same. Here, the day 16 pair skips straight to the day 18 pair, missing the day 17 pair. Anyone kind enough to confirm this? I’m building an on-crit barb PC so the gauntlets are essential. This is very frustrating.
  2. On a side note, how much INT would a rogue need to have, minimum, in order to do a reasonable amount of DOT damage?
  3. Starting a new PoTD game post 1.05 and was wondering: Which class is best suited for the Quick Switch Island Aumaua? What’re the best weapon combos?
  4. Has anyone figured out how to acquire St. Guaram's Spark? According to the official wiki it's a reward for completing Undying Heritage? I have and it hasn't shown up.
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