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  1. Ok, we should have this fixed shortly. I will post when it is available.
  2. Greetings. We are looking into this issue. Did you purchase the original Pillars of Eternity or the Definitive Edition?
  3. As Barbedbeat mention, the 2.0.3 update is now live on the Mac App Store and fixes the crash on launch issue as well as incorporating the 2.0.3 patch.
  4. I don't see an "Open" button on the page in the Mac Store....hmmmm Are you on the Pillars of Eternity page on the Mac App Store? Not in purchases, the actual Pillars page with the screenshots, etc.
  5. Hello, This is an issue affecting many Mac App Store apps, not just Pillars of Eternity. http://www.macrumors.com/2015/11/12/mac-app-store-apps-damaged-expired-receipts-issue/ The current solution is to open the game within the Mac App Store. Launch the Mac App Store, find the Pillars of Eternity page, and then click "Open" to run the game. The devs at MacPlay are currently working with Apple on a permanent solution (and getting 2.0.3 launched) as soon as possible. Our sincere apologies. Hopefully we can get it fixed shortly.
  6. Have you tried deleting 1.0.5 and then reinstalling fresh with 1.0.6 from the Mac App Store?
  7. This is a known bug within Unity and Macs with external monitors. It has yet to be fixed it seems by Unity.
  8. Lower your Graphics setting. This will turn off anti-aliasing which is causing some crashes on Intel HD Graphics.
  9. 1.0.4 was submitted to Apple about a week ago. It's awaiting approval. Hopefully soon! MacPlay
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