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  1. Thank you for all your answers. I will try Black Jacket/Street Fighter because I like the concept.
  2. Hello, (English is not my native language) I'm new in the game and I have zero meta knowledge. I plan to play veteran directly. I plan to play as a main character a tanky/DD fighter (not 100% build for tanking). I like having a main character who has quite low micromanagement, so I can focus more on other companions. And generally I like boring classes with not too much to manage. I like the idea to have no specialization in any weapon and a character not build around any specific items. So that I can use what I find and change when I find something better. I don't like taking different specific weapon skills, for example Mace and Swords, because while I wear a sword I feel like my skill in Mace is wasted during this time. I prefer having a skill which will be useful anytime for any weapon. Would it be viable for Veteran mode to make a fighter build without any weapon specialization nor around any specific items, and how would you build it? Thanks!
  3. To be honest, I forgot that I can respec my character (when I played the game a few years ago, this option was not implemented). I didn't want to be stuck with a weapon if I found a better one, but if I can respec it's not a big issue. So I'm finally up for a weapon focus. But I don't like builds made around specific items, since I didn't get far in the game and I played a long time ago, so I don't know where these items are. Moreover even if I knew where they are located, I don't want to rush to a specific area in the game to get these items. I like these stats proposed by Boeroer: 15/15/15/15/15/03 It sounds like taking benefit of Barb strength (high hp pool). My deflection can't be good anyway. It's also more comfortable if I don't have to sleep in Inn everytime and eat food before each fights.
  4. Hi, I have little experience with this game and I plan to play a barbarian in hard mode. I have WM1 and WM2. I like to use any weapon and item that I find on my way. Do you think that I will gimp myself a lot if I don't take any weapon focus and any weapon style talent for my character? How would you build a barbarian not specific item dependent and not squishy dps (just a bit off tank because I don't like glass canon characters in melee) barbarian in hard mode? Note : for roleplay purpose, frenzy is an important ability for me, so I can't play a barbarian without it For stats I'm thinking about that: 16 10 10 16 16 10 Thank you for your help (English is not my native language)
  5. Why does might add more passive regen? Does it improve the skill constant recovery?
  6. thank you for your answer Concordance, I'm hesitating to give up the backstab rogue. As you said, I will maybe be too much disappointed playing him :/
  7. Thank you for your answer Voltron and relevant advice! I'm currently playing a melee rogue level 8, I gained some experience with him but I miss opening fight with a backstab. My current Rogue is max dex but has less resolve, he can tank a bit especially with the mother spell providing DR. So I plan to max deflection, wearing intermediate armor and I'm hesitating regarding faction (between the one providing bonus for crit and the one providing extra DR). After hitting with backstab, I will run toward the rest of my group. Boots of speed will be useful.
  8. Hello, I know most of people think backstab sucks but I like the idea of playing a stealth assassin. So I would like some advice to build a backstab rogue for hard difficulty (not solo, 6 party members including only characters provided by the game). I would like to play a human (not interested by other races, sorry if I look racist lol) and one handed (don't like the idea of a stealth assassin using big two handed weapon, even if it would be better for backstab). So I plan to take the following stats: 20/3/rest in dexterity/18/3/19. As weapon, I'm thinking of the one including saber/stiletto/pistol (and without one handed talent). Sabers deal great damage and some unique sabers have 0,5 crit modifier. For abilities : crippling strike, dirty fighting, deep wounds, escape (after backstabbing) Talents : one weapon proficiency, backstab, vicious fighting, shadowing beyong (to backstab again), superior deflection What do you think of it? Thank you PS: English is not my native language
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