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  1. It started with Jedi Knight: Dark Forces 2 where your actions had consequences; If you continually killed innocent people you would eventually go to the dark side. Deus Ex was brilliant in that it had consequences to almost all of your actions, including on sidequests. Kotor did this too, basing your force alignment and the way the NPCs react to you in the long run on your actions. I think a good idea for Kotor2 would be to keep focusing on cause-effect actions in the game, which makes it seem less linear. The light-dark force oriented aspect of Kotor should be passed on to the new Kotor2
  2. Darth Washing Detergent ---- sounds scary or: Darth Yoda, how cool would it be if Yoda went dark?
  3. Full Interview at: http://www.valhallagamers.com/index.cfm?nb...=505&nbdStart=3
  4. Obsidian has already stated that the Kotor 1 theme was 'redemption' and the new theme for Kotor2: "we aren't going into a trememdous amount of detail about this yet, but I can say that we are exploring the nature of the mentor-apprentice relationship." --- Feargus Urquhart, CEO ObsidianEnt.
  5. It would be a good idea I think to not simply have the Kotor1 characters show up for a scene or two and then dissappear for the rest of the game. I think they should be constantly showing up throughout the game to give you help, add to the storyline or even pose a threat... I'm not sure how you'll do this, but maybe we should be able to name the character we played in Kotor 1, choose the model we used and that character could be in Kotor 2 while I play as a new character. I'm sure you'll do a great job Obsidian! Have fun, Daniel.
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