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  1. I sat there for a while thinking of every possible long-term outcome for each decision. I remember she mentions something about playing the lyre, so i figure the most optimistic future for her would involve performing with a lyre, if she should not call upon her nobility to get by and assuming she has no other discernible talents. With that in mind, here's a list of pessimistic(P) vs optimistic(O) outcomes for each choice when you give her advice: Honest - hit the road P: She dies on the road via bandit/monster attack O: She finds shelter somewhere, eventually she finds her own way in life. Benevolent - get help from the temple P: She's stuck as a servant girl or a nun, or is turned away completely. O: She is sheltered, gets money/help from the priests, perhaps she lives with them for a while, eventually buys a lyre and plays it in the temple. Perhaps she leaves and seeks out her inheritence. Maybe she is turned away but gets help from the innkeeper, buys a lyre and plays at the inn. Passionate - seek out a large city P: Has to resort to prostitution to get by, gets mugged, loses her baby. O: She begs for money, uses the money to buy a lyre and performs on the streets, her talent or beauty is noticed and she's taken in by nobles to play for them. Eventually she is granted her inheritance. Deceptive - goes into hiding P: She's miserable and lives like a rat, starves. O: Finds an abandoned cottage, learns witchcraft, becomes Flemmeth. I chose to send her to the temple as i figured it was the least dangerous option, with the least amount of travel and risk. I figured it'd be a good starting point for her to get help and after that she could make her own decisions about where to go and what to do. I also extorted her uncle and let him live. I imagine he will live in dread that he has no heir and will have plenty of time to learn remorse, regret, and guilt. If in future he discovers where his niece is, he will likely try to provide financial aid to them, whether he feels guilt or not, this may benefit her. I think if i had killed him, she would not have bothered pursuing her inheritance, assuming she has knowledge of it. I think this way if he lives, the inheritance will come upon her more proactively, and if he dies, it will simply come upon her later in life, perhaps when the child has grown up, this could be more desirable as it gives them time to learn how to build a life with little, possibly developing life skills, or simply she has time to make friends with the Dyrwood folk, as they'd be warmer towards her considering she basically has nothing thanks to that noble douche. More pessimistically the noble douche learns nothing, feels no guilt, attempts to sire another heir with some other unfortunate, and the inheritance goes to them, in which case it has minimal discernible effect on Aelys's life. IN SHORT: Sent Aelys to get help from the temple, i think it's a good, realistic first stop at the least. Let the uncle live, i think there is more opportunity for the uncle to repent, and/or proactively benefit Aelys's financial standing in future.
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