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  1. I know about the zealot. My point is with a lesser sneak attack, it wouldn't be necessary to multi-class. I shouldn't have to multi-class for a character to make sense to use. I guess I'll just have to get used to it.
  2. Everything about a Priest of Skaen is geared toward rogues and rogue abilities, but there is no way to follow up on them because the Skaen Priest has lost their lesser sneak attack. How do you compensate for this without multi-classing? I get that it's a different game with different mechanics, but something really grinds my gears about the missing lesser sneak attack as I feel that is the entire point of the Skaen Priest.
  3. As far as your first question goes, your endurance wasn't regenerating to 64 because you only had 30 health, so yes, it was working correctly. You lose as much health as you do endurance while in combat. After combat, you will regenerate your full endurance pool assuming your health pool is larger than your endurance pool. 2nd: There is a utility talent called Field Triage that can refill a portion of your health once per rest. Other than that, no. 3rd: Don't know but assume yes. 4th: No idea.
  4. Damage/accuracy whatever. I know mechanics helps priest's seal spells so I thought maybe it'd be the same for the chanter's freeze traps. Want to make sure before I build my chanter the way I want to build it.
  5. Good thing it's only a beta patch so they can get feedback before it goes live. While I agree that some of the nerfs have little justification and just plain don't make any sense at all (Sanguine Armor), there are always going to be changes like that in this era of mmo-like nerfs in single player games. There's always one fun-ruiner on staff that makes sure things like that happen. It's unavoidable. That said the game is not unplayable. There will always be a new 'way' to solve a problem the devs think they fixed. Everything will be alright in the end. I believe Paul Heyman said it best when he said, referring to WWE programming, "You can have anything you want, except for the thing you want the most." It's just how it is.
  6. I have been having constant nvidia driver crashes. My whole computer will hang and whatever sound is happening at the time will stutter in a sort of a buzz and slow way down. My keyboard is unresponsive so I have to shut down the computer via power button, unless the driver recovers, which happens maybe 1/10 times. It happens a lot when I go to the inventory or character screen, but otherwise it's completely random. I'm enclosing a save game file and my system specs. https://www.dropbox.com/s/8evonsgwptonzv8/8533c27f430e4e01b0d9098a5c2065af%2015115122%20EndlessPathsofOdNuaLevel13.savegame?dl=0 DxDiag.txt
  7. My next playthrough is going to be 5 Priests each with a different Diety, led by a Paladin. Also I know someone that is doing an all Ranger w/ bear companion game with some pretty fun results.
  8. I'm at Od Nua level 3 on Hard difficulty. I thought for sure there should be another ogre right about where my party is gathered at in the pic provided. Can I get some confirmation on this. I've had a sneaking suspicion this whole time that I've had the bug, and would rather sever this playthrough if I do.
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