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  1. Hi! I don't know if I can intrude here like this but, well. I was looking for a Cipher build playing a melee oriented character. I got the impression that the Transcendent could be a fine one. Can I ask you some more information? Like how many Cypher/Monk level should I have? Or, does it use actual weapons or just the monk's fists? Thanks!
  2. Hi! I realize that maybe this issue has already been discussed here, but can't find the solution. I noticed that text size in the dialogue boxes is a bit small. On some resolution like mine, 1920x1200 or 1680x1050, it isn't as big as it'd be for be comfortable to read. Curiously, it doesn't enlarge when I use the slide in the settings (even up to 130%), while for example the texts on the figure heads increase. This could appear silly to say but allow me. You're the team that built the whole PoE 2 Deadfire, a thrilling and vast and complicated and enjoyable game: I KN
  3. Thanks Suen, indeed one is exactly my issue, aknowledged days ago but not yet fixed.
  4. And this' my problem too: as shown in 2 and 3 picture, some parts of the games are not shown, as if we're playing with the wrong resolution. Also, in game it isn't possible to properly change it, 'cause the possibilities offered are really limited, so you can't say "let's try a different one".
  5. Indeed, another note: I can't select any resolution different from 1280* (something), with 60 or 75 hz as refresh rate. I've to admit I'm more bothered by the fact nobody seems to incur in this issue but me, which probably quality the problem as "irrelevant". :/ But, well, I'm still confident will find a solution here.
  6. Haha, I guess it is known now, right. And I can't try that at 1152*864, 'cause that resolution aren't among those I could choose in the PoE graphic options. Such weirdness.
  7. So, trying to deepen the analysis of the problem. That screenshot is actually 1152x864, I didn't see that fact, thanks Suen. Which is strange, 'cause my in game resolution is 1280 x 1024, BUT my desktop resolution is 1152x864. This means that even if in game I choose a resolution, that will not affect the game, if it's different from the desktop resolution? (plus, I've tried to move my desktop resolution to 1280 x 1024, but in game the situation didn't change. Just on the main menu I've got two black band, up and down.) I suppose this isn't even a known issue, at this po
  8. Well, a thing, maybe. I could have misplaced it in a wrong section, or did it really happen to anyone else?
  9. Hi guys, my first post here, so before everything else, great compliments for your accomplishment, a damnly good old school Rpg! Then, straight to my issue: I'm playing the game at 1280 * 1024, and simply not the whole game is visible. It "brim over" somewhat, so I can't have a full view of the game, loosing a piece at left and another at right. I try to make this clearer with a screenshot: As you see, it seems that PoE window is larger than my screen, unable to fit it properly. It's a known issue? Someone is experimenting this too? There's some way I could s
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