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  1. related bug: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/77227-bug-locked-in-endless-combat-in-northweald-at-the-mercy-of-the-tribes
  2. Description: I encountered a bug during the "At the Mercy of the Tribes" Quest. After killing Cwineth and the wolves east of her, I am locked in perpetual combat mode, even though there are no enemies left on the map. I can't save or venture forth into the world, leaving me no choice but to quit my unsaved game. Steps to Reproduce the Issue: After speaking to the Fangs, I was given the choice to either side with them or with the mercenaries. (This is the saved game entitled Before Bug.) I sided with the Fangs and killed all the mercernaries. Now, rather than immediately return to visit the Fangs, I instead went exploring: found the Elder Lion up north, killed the trolls in the cave, and visited the Temple of Hylea map. When I return to Northweald (this is the saved game entitled After Bug) Cwineth appears out of nowhere by herself and attacks me with no message prompt. After opening this save, Cwineth is on the immediate right. After killing her I can save, but then something weird happens with the wolves to her east. After killing them, I am unable to leave combat. I can't report to the Fangs or talk to them, because they also appear to be locked into endless combat. For fun, I opened up the Before Bug save again. After killing the mercenaries, I immediately reported back to the Fangs, and no problems occurred whatsoever. Important Files: here is the zip file (13MB): https://www.mediafire.com/?rkd2x8kv9ie6ny8
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