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  1. There are a few places where the Watcher's gender isn't taken into account in conversation. For instance during the conversation with Rîhenwn and Sïdha, my female PC was consitently referred to as a him. (Since this converasion is voiced I guess it may be difficult to fix though). She was also referred to as a man during some philosophy backgrund check although I fail to remember where.
  2. Hnnnnnggggg. Beautiful. Really wishing we could change portraits mid-game. The Deathlike is perfect. You can replace the image file of your current portrait with the new one and it'll be changed. Of course, that will change that portrait for all characters using it, but it's what I did at least.
  3. Since I didn't like the female moon godlike portrait, I did a bit of palette-swapping on one of the fire ones. Might as well share the result...
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