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  1. For me, I notice that the "Destroy Vessels" proc almost always kills the mobs ... I wonder if that's why it's not counting, because the killing blow was not made by the weapon, but instead a "spell"? If so, having a weapon with a 25% chance of instantly killing mobs you're trying to farm is ... well just poorly designed!
  2. Yup finally triggered for me - loaded another game and at the exact same point it triggered. Thanks for the info folks.
  3. *Appologies if this has been answered already, and if so, I'd apreciate a link. From what I've been able to find on these forums / steam is that the low end access point is level 6. At which point I should receive a notice @ my stronghold. Are there any other conditions that must be met? Presently my whole party are level 6, but no notificiation as of yet!
  4. I too found this one hard, and opted to just help the dragon instead of whipe again. At this point I went for a stroll and realised all the adds were green. At this point, positioned my team near the adds that charm and the fight went as follows: 1. killed charm adds (dragon so slow, they were dead before he could reach me) 2. summoned all adds I could (quick items, Mage + Chanter summons) 3. send my adds to tank the dragon 4. Team steam rolled adds near dragon's horde 5. went to work on the dragon My fighter tank never came close to death, my paladin and priest both had "second chance" items equipped which allowed me several opportunities to rez the squishies. 6. apply debuffs, continue to dps, profit Looks like others found strategies without as much work, but I really enjoyed the fight once I tipped the scales in my favour
  5. Description: This problem is exclusive to one of my save profiles. All saves on this profile are affected, however other profiles are not. I am unable to select (using mouse + portrait) the 6th party member. The 5th portrait is blank, even though I have a full party, and I am unable to drag/drop the portrait in slot 6 into slot 5. Steps to Reproduce the Issue: I was entering Level 2 of Endless Paths, and upon loading, one of my party members was missing. No portraid, no character. Upon exiting to the courtyard, I could reaquire a 6th party member, but the portrait issue persists. If screen shots / savegame files are required, please message me and I'll provide those as well. output_log.txt
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