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  1. Not sure of anyone has noticed, but just fought a couple of phantoms in the early game. I noticed that the mob has a "veil-touched" buff that affected what I think is my hit chance and damage done. So I went to the Bestiary to check on it, the HP and stats of the phantom is listed and the void-touched ability icon is shown. But hovering over the icon or right/left clicking does not tell me what this ability does - at all. It's kind of useless. Can we get this updated so mob abilities show what they do? i.e. -10 accuracy, -25% damage....along those lines. EDIT: Ability name is veil-touched not void-touched. Another one, Devious Shift from Brine Imps.
  2. Nevermind, had one more quest to turn in and now I moved into Hero status. Phew..
  3. My rep in defiance bay is still only fainlty good (Ally). I have completed most of the quests there, even solved the missing persons quest, cleared out Heritage hill, got the breastplate, only one of two mosre quests left, however, my rep isn't high enough to talk to the records keeper to advance Eder's storyline. I assume this rep thing is a bug?
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