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Found 5 results

  1. Is there any way of extracting the gorgeous concept art from the bestiary (ideally in a transparent format!), other than laboriously going through, screenshotting it and then Photoshopping out the background? Or does anybody know if this has already been done elsewhere?
  2. Would it be possible to display tooltips for the abilities of enemies in the bestiary? Currently its only showing the abilities name, which is useless most of the time. For example, the boar has two abilities, "Wounded Boar" and "Gore". How am I supposed to know what these abilities do? You made the effort to write a lore text for every single enemy in the game, yet the bestiary doesn't provide any information thats actually useful in the game. Being able to read what the enemies abilities actually do would be the only reason for me to ever open the bestiary.
  3. Not sure of anyone has noticed, but just fought a couple of phantoms in the early game. I noticed that the mob has a "veil-touched" buff that affected what I think is my hit chance and damage done. So I went to the Bestiary to check on it, the HP and stats of the phantom is listed and the void-touched ability icon is shown. But hovering over the icon or right/left clicking does not tell me what this ability does - at all. It's kind of useless. Can we get this updated so mob abilities show what they do? i.e. -10 accuracy, -25% damage....along those lines. EDIT: Ability name is veil-touched not void-touched. Another one, Devious Shift from Brine Imps.
  4. Pillars of Eternity has a Cyclopedia. it will have only bestiary in this section or will have more things like story of characters, locations, etc...?
  5. Update by Bobby Null, Designer and Beast Master Greetings, everyone! I'm on update duty this week, and while this will be relatively brief, I'll give you a little insider info I hope you find interesting. Today we will be talking about the bestiary. Yeah, that's right... it's time to talk about monsters. One of my responsibilities has been creating the bestiary for Project Eternity. I'll admit, it's been a lot of work, but it's also been a lot fun. Like most of the things we do here at Obsidian, the process has been very collaborative. We have a few high-level goals regarding this process on Project Eternity. Creature Variety - The goal is to have a large library of creatures to use for the final game. Thus far, we're on track to meet this goal. The concept artists, modelers and animators have been tearing through the bestiary and delivering quality assets at a rapid pace. Recognizable is Good - We don't want to try to reinvent the wheel with every single monster. As we've shown in an earlier update, we feel some classic monsters, like the ogre, are essential to capture the adventuring feel we are aiming for. Moving forward, we are committed to including monsters that we feel fans will appreciate, while giving the beasties flavor appropriate to the world of Project Eternity. Different if Cool - We've already shown one of the unique creatures for Project Eternity in an earlier update, the skuldr. We will continue to create other unique, and often times bizarre, creatures to populate our world, but unique doesn't always need to feel bizarre. Different because it's cool is the goal. So now that I've briefly discussed our high level goals, let's talk about a new creature: The Cean GĂșla (KEN GOO-lah, "Blood Woman", Glanfathan), and the pipeline we use to get it through the concept phase. The creature idea is added to our bestiary document. Members of the team can comment on the document and share their thoughts/concerns on any given creature. The bestiary is updated based on feedback from the team. Some creatures get the thumbs up, while others get cut. An approved creature is then assigned to a concept artist. In the case of the cean gĂșla, Polina Hristova was in charge of this crucial step. The concept artist does a first pass, creating a series of thumbnail sketches (image above). The leads of the project review the thumbnails, choose a favorite, and provide the artist with feedback. The artist creates a final concept based on the feedback received (image above). Once approved, the creature continues down the pipe as it is now ready to be modeled by one of our character artists. We'll save the rest of the creature pipeline for another update. That's all for this week. As always, let us know what you think on our forums. See you in two weeks with an update from Rob Nesler. He'll be talking about the entire art team and what they've been up to. Kickin' It Forward: Jagged Alliance: Flashback Article by Josh Sawyer, Project Director If you're a fan of turn-based tactical RPGs, be sure to check out the Kickstarter project from Full Control, Jagged Alliance: Flashback. If you've played the classic Jagged Alliance games, you know they are challenging and incredibly fun. In particular, Jagged Alliance 2 features great freedom to explore the world, a huge array of gear, awesome tactical fights, and a large cast of colorful mercenaries with cool personality mechanics. Full Control have shown a lot of love for what made the Jagged Alliance games so memorable, including elements found in fan tweaks (like JA2's 1.13 community patch). They've got about a week to go in their campaign, so head on over and check it out!
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