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  1. Same.. I go inside before taking the quest, all people safe even the 3 sentries but after speaking Wyla the quest wont update..
  2. ..Im thinking now that maybe.... I dont get achievements already. Maybe I need to finish them xDD Dont know Im not sure..
  3. Sure guys; Windows 8.1, Steam, no problems with the rest of the game (except game bugs if appears obviously), last update cause Im using Steam so.. Here is a screenshot I repeat no cheats no nothing weird. Just no achievements for me, and that "hurts" to me.
  4. Important update about.. In Steam appears "Achivements Bloqued". .. Why, I cannot understand. One friend has achievements but not me. Never never used cheat, not even opened console panel.
  5. Hello folks. Just the description of the thread; My achievemens disappears to one day to another. I never used cheats, never. 31+ hours played with different chars, 12+ with the most advanced character. If I remember well yesterday I had them. So.. ¿ bug ? known bug ? I must bite my tongue and f*** myself ?
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