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  1. Update: after the latest update the game wont play for 5 seconds before it crashes. Its similar in the sense that other applications are fractured/corrupted(ie:graphics, audio, fonts,etc) forcing a restart of the computer. Also similar that there is a variety of different crash windows; sometimes its dx, appcrash, etc. I may just try to get my money back, kinda over it.
  2. Thanks LadyC, it worked with my dxdiag but not the output_log(too big?) I'll post or pm if anyone wants them
  3. Hello forum! I just downloaded poe last night and installed it today. Most of my day has been spent trying to get the game working correctly. I require your assistance! system Win 7 sp1 64bit phenom 2 965 4gb ram nvidia gtx 285 ocz vertex ssd Lots of random crashes; longest i had the game running was about 20min, shortest ~1min. I have to restart the computer after every crash because my web browsers(chrome + firefox) will crash when started. Sometimes its bsod but most of the time game crashes with graphical and audio artifacts that somewhat persist even after the game is gone. Weird, no? Sometimes the crash box says ntdll.dll, sometimes pillarsofeternity, sometimes APPCRASH, and other times it says i should report the crash log.. So random. I'm pretty sure its a driver issue but this is what ive tried: Verify game data Run as admin Most of the games display settings Video + audio card driver uninstall + different versions Disable AA UNCL font thingy un/reinstall dx other stuff Haven't tried: reinstalling game (i am on satellite internet w/ data cap, ill try it when i have more data) clean win install (yea prolly not gunna do that) format drive (nope wont do it) punching screen (wont do it but temptation is growing) Thanks for the time, lmk what i should try next. Zak p.s. logs wont upload dxdiag
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