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  1. Update: after the latest update the game wont play for 5 seconds before it crashes. Its similar in the sense that other applications are fractured/corrupted(ie:graphics, audio, fonts,etc) forcing a restart of the computer. Also similar that there is a variety of different crash windows; sometimes its dx, appcrash, etc. I may just try to get my money back, kinda over it.
  2. Thanks LadyC, it worked with my dxdiag but not the output_log(too big?) I'll post or pm if anyone wants them
  3. Hello forum! I just downloaded poe last night and installed it today. Most of my day has been spent trying to get the game working correctly. I require your assistance! system Win 7 sp1 64bit phenom 2 965 4gb ram nvidia gtx 285 ocz vertex ssd Lots of random crashes; longest i had the game running was about 20min, shortest ~1min. I have to restart the computer after every crash because my web browsers(chrome + firefox) will crash when started. Sometimes its bsod but most of the time game crashes with graphical and audio artifacts that somewhat persist even after the game is gone
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