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  1. I kinda get what you mean. The companions were really well written and the banter was cool, but they felt alittle disconnected with the main story and seemed like a group of people who just got caught up in my wake. Even their personal quests seemed alittle flat to me. maybe I was just expecting more. May well be that we are spoiled after Kotor 2 and Motb as they both set the standard in my mind for great companions. (didn't much like GOTO or Bao dur in Kotor, but I loved my sadistic spirit construct in OoM) Kotor2 in particular came so close to what I felt was the perfect companio
  2. No, I think that hits quite closely to my interpretation too. The game does a good job of portraying a fantasy world that has stumbled upon relativism and asks the question of, if you had the power I.E. animacy to create gods to give an illusion of meaning, would it be worthwhile. What would be the justifications of it. Thaos tortured soul is worn down by the burden of it. He is a perfect broken villain, that must perpetuate his broken logic by any means necassary to justify his broken logic descisions. I loved Kreia and Myrkul both for their bequiling power, even in defeat, they were in m
  3. Yes, by playing Baldurs Gate 2: throne of Bhaal. I too was secretly hoping this would come up but I had a doubt at the back of my mind, so many rpgs have the "apotheosis" godhood ending these days that I can imagine Obsidian steering well clear of it. That being said I've only finished with Honest, Diplomatic, Benevolent characters so far so perhaps if you have a less pleasant character this option may pop up. But I really do doubt it.
  4. I pretty much read the whole thing this way too. I think Woedica and Thaos would have aligned rather quickly as they both represent the order and control that would be needed to perpetuate the fabrication of the the engwithan gods. Not surprisingly that very order and control stifled not only the kith but the gods aswell. Animancy was forgotten but also innovation and divergent thought would have been stamped out. Quite the atithesis of gods like Galawain, Magran, Hylea and Abydon. I can imagine they got rid of Woedica pretty sharpish so as to guide the kith their way. Much to Woedica's an
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