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  1. Even though I have limited experience with the game so far I've noticed the same sort of thing. Consumables in general seem very powerful and easily accessible in this game. As you said - there is really nothing stopping any class from having more than high enough lore to cast any scrolls they want (aside from a little athletics there is really no "must have" skills for a warrior-type class). Potions also seem to be among the most potent healing in the game, and you can also get most of the buffs from them. Those don't even need any skills to use. Certainly from a powergaming perspective it makes a lot of sense to have a very survivable character that adds to his abilities with consumables like this when needed. With enough consumables, a warrior can pretty much do everything it seems. I don't know if the economy of the game is balanced enough that it doing this won't be viable in the longer term... seems like in the midgame and forward you generally have enough cash to go around. -Stigma
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