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  1. I tried the beta version of patch 1.04 to test the fix and then I tried camping at different regions for 10 times, but it did not work again.
  2. Is this bug going to be fixed in the next patch (1.04)? If so, when is it going to be released?
  3. I rested at Brighthollow for 10-15 times, camped in Endless Paths of Od Nua for 8 times, camped in Woodend Plains for 8 times, still no dream sequence, and no progress. I'm pretty sure there is a problem.
  4. Hi there, I have the same problem. I have applied the fix that has been suggested by Eric Fenstermaker. Rested 3 times to trigger the dream. But haven't seen the dream yet. My problem is the same. I have gone through all the possible conversation options before the supposed dream happened. Now I cannot progress in the quest. Here is the link to my saved game file https://www.dropbox.com/s/yjhbnv3cnzfz6rb/34fa2ca7add641c6ac0c84f02c7a850b%209656332%20EndlessPathsofOdNuaLevel5.savegame?dl=0 I hope I can solve this problem. Thanks !
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