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  1. Thanks a lot. I finally get past this stupid quest. Also if you install IE Mod, you don't need to type 'iroll20s' and you can keep your cheeves
  2. It's been a week and no response from devs, I'm quite frustrated.
  3. I have the same problem. I'm stuck at the main quest line. http://gameswiki.net/pillars-of-eternity-act-ii-all-side-quests-guide/2/ If this page is correct, my quest does not update when I enter the ruins. Its objective is "Enter the Ruins via Stormwall Gorge" after I enter and explore everywhere. There is no ancient weapons, only cladhaliath, in the sarcophagus; whether I kill the spider boss or not. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BxonmKN54einV0ktVVVPa1JnT1k/view?usp=sharing I upload the save file, hoping that it will be fixed, my previous save is tens hours before. Also I play it on windows, version is v1.0.3.0526 -steam
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