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  1. I've seen some people wonder if "censorship" is the right word. I posted in this in a deleted thread so here it is again from another kickstarter came that also came under attack by people with a certian poltical agenda. http://blogjob.com/oneangrygamer/2015/03/divinity-original-sin-dev-talks-boob-plates-sexism-and-moral-outrage/ -Divine Divnity Developer.
  2. So far I"m seeing al ot of posts of people worried about censorship or how now Obsidian will now always have to give into social media bullies. On the other side I see a lot more "basement dwellers" "entitled gamers" etc. I'm not offended by these terms it's just interesting to see the two sides of the discussion one concered about creative freedom and the other pushing a tied old narrative that's been played out time and again. Look up the block bot which was created when SJW's created a scism in the Athism community. Everyone they see that they disagree with gets on that inculding b
  3. This sadly doesn't provide confirmation if the backer was contacted or not. Just that it seems to be the same style.
  4. Reminder this is the person who found the joke and caused such an outrage over it. https://archive.today/ayWB5 https://archive.today/xvuRl https://archive.today/GAITe https://archive.today/HDnTV https://archive.today/9NfcE https://archive.today/56XGn https://archive.today/GaUcF https://archive.today/rJTjG https://archive.today/NviKC https://archive.today/OnIuA https://archive.today/Symxm https://archive.today/eKYQh #Killallmen Put All Men in concetration camps. Die CIS scum. Even if this person is posting these as a joke it seems like they should be the leat offended by wha
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