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  1. That was my first thought, but in testing, everything used the 41. I cast the spell on a monster that was engaged with my other character, and had another monster next to it. The hit on the main monster used a 41 accuracy, and then the sickening effect on my character and the other monster also showed an accuracy of 41. Everything I tried, all results showed it used a 41 accuracy, never a 38. It isn't a big deal, but I am curious is this a bug in the tooltip or am I misunderstanding something?
  2. I noticed some skills/spells list 2 accuracy numbers. Fetid Caress and Blinding strike for instance. Fetid Caress has 2 effects, but both use accuracy +10. In playing the game, I have played around casting it on different enemies, allies, etc, and they always use the first number, in this case 41. What is the second number for? Thanks.
  3. My human druid with stag spiritshift always has Stag Defense's attribute boosts active, even when not in stag form out of combat. The character was made on release day and I was hoping 1.03 might fix it, but it did not. I started a new human druid on 1.03, but that did not recreate the problem (the druid lost Stag Defense when he changed back to human form). It's a minor bug, but am I the only one who has it? Is there any way I can fix it, short of starting over? Thanks.
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