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  1. Hi there, Love the game but I've encountered a very irritating bug. I just fought off a group of Shades, phantoms and shadows in the Lle a Rhemen dungeon in the Stormwall Gorge map. Unfortunately my main character was knocked unconscious during battle and now that he is awake and the battle is over he is constantly "flanked", ( minus 10 deflection all the time). Reloading the game does not fix this, changing map areas and leaving the dungeon does not fix this, sleeping does not fix this. There does not seem to be any legitimate in game reason he is now flanked all the time. Please assist in any way you can or let me know if you have also encountered this bug. My last save is far enough back that I'd rather not have to resort to that if there's a easy fix and/or this will be addressed in a patch soon. Thanks so much!
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