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  1. Thank you! I noticed in google that you're a fount of good information in threads here since 2015. Hopefully Obsidian puts you in a game soon as an NPC, if they haven't already. I remember they did that for Gromnir back in Throne of Bhaal. If he deserved it, so do you.
  2. Note for posterity: Running the game without the Patchwork Launcher (necessary to use certain mods, e.g. the community patch) permits the opacity slider to work again. So it wasn't Obsidian's fault. My bad, Obsidian.
  3. Sticking my head back in to note for posterity and google returns: Eventually, the Stalker Link damage bonus does disappear if the torc is unequipped for long enough. Either certain area transitions remove it, or the torc's active effect is handled like a timed duration 'under the hood', and when the duration expires the torc needs to be equipped for it to resume again. Or maybe it's like an invisible modal. I'm guessing it's like this because it was the only way in the engine to modify a class ability via equipment.
  4. Apparently it's still bugged as all get out. I'm in 3.08, btw, not 3.07. So, indeed latest version. - If I unequip the torc, Stalker's Link effect listed on the character info page still reads as granting +10 acc and +20% dmg over 3 seconds. This remains true even after reloading the game. - if I equip the torc, the Stalker's Link active effect icon beside the character portrait in the UI disappears. The active effect is still listed in the character page, however. - Speaking of the Stalker's Link active effect icon beside the portrait, if I hover my mouse over it, it only li
  5. I already did my best with google to try to answer this question. All I could find were returns from 2015 from when all sorts of Ranger talents/abilities were bugged, and they were inconclusive, besides. I just wanna know if there's any point in equipping this item. Nothing in the character page indicates it has any actual affect on Stalker's Link. With or without the torc equipped, Stalker's Link states +10 acc and +20% damage per 3 secs. My first thought was that maybe the torc is supposed to grant Stalker's Link if the character hasn't taken that ability. But I removed Stalker's
  6. Good to know. Thank you for the responses, you two. I know this game is mostly dead now, so I'm grateful.
  7. I may only be able to take one of these talents for Sagani. Anyone have any thoughts -- or even better, some actual math -- on which of these talents ultimately produces more damage? Qualifying for sneak attack won't be a problem. Reliably provided that condition, is Merciless actually better? Because at a glance, it seems like Vicious is still basically equal to Merciless, only it doesn't require a condition, ofc. p.s. While I'm here, I also wanna ask: does anyone ever take Accurate Wounding Shots? Is it even worth it, or is the +accuracy it gives ultimately an unnecessar
  8. Okay. Thanks. Would you say it's better than Sundering Blow for Eder? Considering he doesn't have high base Intellect.
  9. I'm just planning a build for Eder in my playthrough, and I've never taken this ability before. I'm not level 13 yet so I can't yet test for myself. Just curious about it. I have a cipher player-character; I'm thinking Charge would be a simple way to set up Ectopsychic Echo all over a trash mob provided Charge doesn't trigger disengagement if Eder uses it when he's already engaged.
  10. The slider for this setting in the Graphics menu is non-functioning in my game. I can move it, but it just resets to the default value of 0.3 once I leave the menu; new settings refuse to save. My game version is Please help. I can't see what's going on in combat far too often because I can't change this setting. I'm irritated this game doesn't have a user settings configuration file for working around an issue like this. All the user settings are stored in the registry, apparently. Which is ridiculous.
  11. It saddens me you've had no replies to this thread. Is it possible to fix this error in code with Keeper or the bundle extractor?
  12. Close Shooter is still present in the game files. You can give it to yourself with the console, if you like. "tln_close_shooter" No idea what range one has to be at for the damage increase to kick in, though. That this is never specified makes me wonder if Obsidian couldn't actually get the talent to work, which is why it was cut from the game.
  13. Why are philosophers restricted to Ixamitl? Don't worry about it, OP. Effectively, Obsidian tried to make each region particularly (in)famous for a particular occupation. Lawlessness is apparently common on the Archipelago, and making the Raider origin unique to it was a way to drive that home to the player. As for a raider hailing from The White That Wends, I would actually argue that's a bit illogical. It's a barren, frozen wasteland... not exactly ripe pickings for piracy/raiding/robbing. The origin occupation is supposed to be something the player-character did while they
  14. So you're running 1.04, in a new game right at the beginning with Calisca, and it's sticking between save-game loading? I've tried everything I can think of, including using the technical number of points per rank (which, btw, doesn't actually work in my game... if I want, for example, Mechanics level 6, then I have to put in a value of 6... a value of 21 will return an error in the console). I've used my character's proper name, "player", "player_new_game", and "player_new_game(clone)_0". All work to give the skill level temporarily, but upon reloading a save it reverts. I'm gonna p
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