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  1. Well I'm curious what will be consequences of this choice in future for example like in part II. Guess we will need to wait for part II to see that. Anyone knows when they plan releasing part II ?
  2. It is posibble becouse I set his spirit free and didn't take his knowlage.
  3. I know this topic was already on forums but I could not find any answer about problem with secret door opening on the upper right side of dungeon. Here is photo where: http://imagizer.imageshack.us/a/img538/2835/aADNEZ.jpg Problem is there is no button on the round table. I used scout mode I used buffs to make my stats higher and still button do not appear. Some people wrote that you need to have specific statistic to see it. Anyone knows what kind of stats? Or maybe thats a bug? Anyone can help? Thx
  4. Hi! Anyone know what are consequences of what we choose in Undying Heritage? I would like to free all souls but its not clear what option will give me that? If I destroy tower I will sacrifice all souls inside and that means to destroy them. What about deactivating it? Will I be able to free all souls later in game play? Any answers would be nice. Thx!
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