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  1. Hy, I cannot use the Grimoire Slam of Aloth anymore. It says "already in use". I tried to exit the game, resting, camping ... Nothing has helped. Is this a bug?
  2. I will post it here. Sorry for not reading the entire post. I had a door too, wihich was not openable. It was the door in Raedric's Keep to the little room in the east below readric's sleeping room. The door was shown interactable, but the cursor has not changed to do some action. So I went north to the sleeping room, and when I came back the door was interactable.
  3. I would be happy to know if I should block some time at easter or if I can enjoy the bad weather here in Germany. But for that anyone at Obsidian should start talking to the customers.
  4. I don't feel offended, but I am disappointed. I also canno't understand, why there are so much people trying to explain why it is OK, that games are released with so much bugs. OK, the **** happened and time cannot be turned back. I think it's better to release a well testet patch, than one which is released to early, but in such a situation I often think companys shoult talk a bit more to the customers.
  5. Hy, I try to play Pillars of Eternity on a MS Surface Pro 3. The Resolution of the Surface is 2160x1440. When playing poe with this resolution everythings works fine, just the scrolling of the screen is ab bit surge. So I tried some of the other provided resolutions in the option. The scrolling with these resolutions is much better, but scrolling is then just possible up and down or left and right. Is there a way to play poe in ather resolutions and scroll in alle 4 directions?
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