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  1. Rather odd behaviour, this usually happens to me when my AntiVirus produces a false positive and quarantine it as soon as it downloads. I'm not sure if this is possible, but could you try re-installing Steam and PoE in Safe Mode? The reason for this is to make sure that there isn't any programs that is stalling the install/update process.
  2. Hey guys and girls, Just a few things that I've ran into: Raedric's Hold 1. No XP from killing guards 2. Bar entrance bug Maybe I'm playing it wrong and Raedric's Hold is meant to be a stealth mission but I ended up starting to killing the enemies (all levels) in this map. I noticed that in the combat log that I didn't receive any XP for this. This is a little frustrating as these mobs are quite difficult (at least for me) and was disappointed that I didn't get any XP from it. Before you enter the hold, you can go in via one of three ways. I tried the sewers but was not able to go through the bars, which I'm guessing was due to the lack of tools required for it. That's fine. The strange thing is, I eventually managed to get onto the other side of said bars and was easily able to exit. This must have triggered something as I was able to go right back into the sewers without any issues. I can't really think of a suggestion to fix the second one, maybe my character was able to kick it open from the inside after doing a Might check? Stronghold 1. Hireling hostile I came back to my Stronghold to find that it was being raided by a bunch of thieves. Some of my hirelings were also in the battle and I must have inadvertently attacked them during the battle as they became hostile towards me after clearing out the thieves. Odd, I thought to myself. The screen didn't blackout/clear and when I exit and returned to the main hallway, the thieves were there again! I did this a few times. I ended up saving the game and restarting it out of frustration. This seem to fix it, I cleared the thieves and the screen refreshed. I spoke to the statue and re-hired the hirelings that I had killed earlier. When I do this, one of the hirelings spawns on the map and begins attacking me! What?! I decided to remotely hire the hireling again, outside the main hall. When outside, I'm able to talk to the other hirelings completely fine but when I walk pass, some of my party prepares to engage into battle. This is avoided if I keep on moving but if I stop, they start to engage in hostile combat. Weird. Just wondering if anybody else experienced these issues?
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