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  1. Is it actually necessary? I mean does it show up in the end credits? (as consequences etc) It's just annoying because it's the only thing left for me to do before going to the very final part of the game, but if it doesn't have any consequences then I might as well skip it...
  2. Same here, I can confirm/support what the others are saying. For me Kana reappeared in the party, but only with his starting equipment. Not sure why that was so, since I've dismissed him on multiple occasions (and for me at least his personal quest has long been completed, in Act 2, so this seems to be a problem in Act 3 only). Edit: a (temporary) workaround is to not dismiss Kana from your party. Then all other party mechanics seem to work okay. If you already have, and you saved it, I don't think it can be helped... I also noticed that his default Chant reappeared (March of the K
  3. Scratching my head here. Unsure whether this is a bug or not, so just registered quickly to post here for now... http://i.imgur.com/yJNHZb6.jpg http://i.imgur.com/Mwch9Qt.jpg How come those two items have 7/12 enchantment slots, and yet can't get a Fine or Exceptional (2 or 4 points) enchant? I'm not that bad at maths. Perhaps the other properties these items have already restrict the number of enchants? But then it's not clear, at all. Not only is it unnecessarily restrictive, it doesn't seem to work properly...
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