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  1. Worked like a charm, thank you very much In case anyone wondering, if you absorb the power of the machine it gives your character +1 might and x1.05 max endurance (also this choice is marked as [Cruel] but still gives you rep with Defiance Bay)
  2. I'm having the same problem and I don't know what you mean by "deleting AR in savegame", could you elaborate please? Also can anyone tell me what exactly "strengthening myself" does? Is it worth the effort?
  3. I decided to load my earlier save and do it again (time goes by when you repeat the same quests ), anyway I choose the aggressive response to Pallegina, and aggressive towards Verzano. I killed him, the lady in the "sombrero" hat thanked me and when I left the company THROUGH main entrance Pallegina was there, everything went good. Pointed out all of my choices here, so maybe try doing the same and it might work for you, as it did for me. I guess you might also try diffrent approaches, and when they don't work just TRY AGAIN until you have it.
  4. As I wrote, the quest worked for me when I did it for the first time, all I care about is recruiting Pallegina so if it takes to kill everyone inside the building, so be it! Unfortunnetly I've used quicksave, and my last "normal" save is like 5-6 hours of playing back, so there is no way i'm repeating this... Guess i'll just carry on with my game while constantly checking on this topic for a possible solution. I think it could be solved by using a simple "spawn" command in the console in the Vailian company so the scene triggers again, it's a longshot but maybe worth a try, somebody could post a specific command and I can check it out!
  5. Experiencing this same problem... I decided to help the Doemenel woman and helped her fight the guy, unfortunnetly they turned hostile (probably because of some badly placed Fireball) and I killed everyone inside. After I left the building Pallegina was there (barely injured), but I wanted reputation with Doemenels so I loaded the game, killed ONLY Verzano this time, talked to the Woman, got the rep, QUICKSAVED and left the building, Pallegina WASN'T THERE anymore... And I've already saved so it seems there is no chance for me to recruit her anymore... Is there any option... cheat perhaps which would allow me to reset the quest or spawn Pallegina/Verzano again? Because regardless of killing Verzano my quest is still like this:
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