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  1. do you have the "lock frame rate while recording" option on ? because if your game runs at say 45 and you record at 30 it will be highly inaccurate so either lock it in fraps or in drivers
  2. yeah, 2h >>>> DW DW has an edge only at DR 0 - (1h min dmg/2) after 1h min dmg/2 point you would have to fight against something with at least DR = 2h avg dmg to brake even there is no monster in the game which could match 2h avg dmg with all the talents and weapon upgrades
  3. i would switch the +/- because if you want to make something faster you subtract the in-game descriptions are strange (at least for me anyway), sometimes x2 sometimes % and with armor they write -50% like the armor is making the recovery time to be 50% faster
  4. i would use the same logic as with the x2 time/1.2 and you will get number which it will be after 1.2 modification in case of x2 its 100%/2 -> 50% which means the modifier is -50% in case of x1.2 its 100%/1.2 -> 83% which means the modifier is -17%
  5. @ErlKing: my understanding is: first you take default animation speed, lets say some 2h melee wep. which is 30 modify it with dex bonus lets assume we have 20 dex -> 10x3% -> 30% -> 30 speed * (100% - 30%) -> 30 * 0.70 -> 21 now that we have the animation speed we multiply it by 1.2 to get the default recovery speed -> 21 * 1.2 -> 25.2 and now we apply the recovery bonuses -> 25.2 * (100% + (50% 2H - 30% dex + 50% armor)) -> 25.2 * (100% + 70%) -> 25.2 * 1.7 -> 42.84 in your case you are just adding % with all 3 -> (100% + (50% 2h + 50% armor + 20% penshot + 40% ??? low dex)) there is no / 0 .... just 260% -> *2.6 on the other hand you could prolly get to recovery time * 0 or recovery time * -X @Baki: as you guessed the attack speed chant does NOT stack .... *cry* and i had such a stylish rifleman squad named Rifleman A-F XD
  6. is there any console command with which i could repair movement speed of the bugged chars ? should be just one variable right ?
  7. @Sensuki: if i go by the logic you posted, you can actually negate the recovery time completely provided you have enough +attack speed stuff right ? then your attack speed = the animation speed which can be modified by DEX only ? and if the same logic can be applied to ranged weapons ... 6 chanters with ranged attack speed buff, equiped with rifles and maxed DEX ... there would be only heavily lowered animation speed + super fast reload speed ? are there any recovery/animation/reload speed caps ? do those ranged attack speed buffs stack ?
  8. same here, but different characters Eder moves at like half speed and Aloth at like double noticed it too late (all my saves are ******), becuse the movement speed is capped at the speed of slowest selected character, in stealth the cap disappears and everyone moves at different speed which results in Aloth moving at speed of light and Eder ... im faster sitting then he is walking!! XD
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