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  1. Still no solution? Bummer. I also found that running the game in Bootcamp Windows on the same Macbook Pro works fine. So, it appears that we have a very specific hardware/OS combination problem - OS X on Macbooks. I haven't seen any forums where people are having problems on iMacs, just Macbooks. And I know it's not a pure hardware issue, because it works just fine in Windows on the same hardware. Very strange.
  2. Are you using a Macbook Pro? That seems to be my issue. Particularly the 13 inch model. When I run it on my iMac, I have no problems.
  3. I have the some problem on my MacBook Pro. However, when I install the game on my iMac (Mid-2011 model) it runs like a charm. This is just one of the many strange problems that MacBooks seem to have. You may want to try to running it on another Mac.
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