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  1. Remember that we're talking about high-level wizards. The fact that they've made it to a high level and survived means that they're probably smarter than any of us. They're very good at taking calculated risks, while simultaneously playing it safe and avoiding stupid mistakes. High-level wizards generaly don't roll for initiative, because it's only necessary in a fair fight. By the time the battle begins, the wizard has probably observed the enemy from a safe distance for a long time. They try to make the initial assault as unfair as possible. There may be traps, summoned monsters, illusio
  2. Before 3E and other "modern" editions of D&D, wizards were definitely more powerful than fighters at high levels. My experiences are mostly from AD&D 2nd Edition. At low levels (roughly 1-5), wizards needed fighters to keep them alive. While they knew a trick or two, low-level wizards didn't really get anything done in a fight. The game was most balanced with mid-level (level 5-10) characters, when the classes complemented each other quite nicely. Fighters held the line and enganged enemies that dealt heavy damage, while wizards controlled the battlefield, wiped out masses of low-l
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