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  1. I explained my reasoning in the Memorial thread before, so I'll just leave this here.
  2. As someone who haven't gotten the game yet, the significance of my opinion on the matter might fluctuate based on perspective. I'm definitely on the side of "keep it in" with an added "ignore the offendees" sprinkled in. Why the latter? As a comedian once said, paraphrase; "If I refrained from telling jokes that offended someone, I'd be out of a job." Simply put, they are not your audience, caving to them will only serve as ammunition for when they want to pressure and shame you into removing more the next time. All I can say aside from that is that if Obsidian caves to stuff like this, they are not the kind of developer I want to support, and would equate to a lost sale from me (not because I think the game looks bad or isn't worth the money, but simply a consumer decision based on principle). Is that petty? Maybe. But is that not what we are constantly told to do? Vote with our wallets? People have been outspoken in this thread about not wanting Obsidian to cave. So if they do, obviously communication isn't a useful tool, which leaves the wallet.
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