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  1. So far no one has reacted to me being a 4 foot tall with huge ears Orlan.

    IMHO Race choices should have had more of an effect as far as interactions and what type of powers you could utilize. The devs seem to let you do as you wish as there are no restrictions class or race wise but that just means all the tough choices just don't matter.

    If I'm 4 feet tall I SHOULD get my ass kicked at melee, maybe some races SHOULDNT be able to cast spells...

    Love the game but what race/class you are SHOULD be more restrictive as that what Rplaying is all about.

    Monks that punch? If you go into a fight with just fists you should get murdered for even trying.

    In a way the devs seem to want to appease all types of playing styles, but my Druid Orlan seems to be able to do everything with really NO restrictions. Melee, magic, shapeshifter, light or heavy amour.


    Choices should matter...I was told at creation screen that I was a slave race, yet know one has told me anything otherwise.


    Now back to regular scheduled programming ...lol

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