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  1. I'm playing with the beta patch. Whenever I try to enter the Luminous Adra Mill in Nekataka I'm brought back to the main menu with an error message.
  2. Since I see some people has the same problem I described in the OP, I'll tell you what I found out. It waa my antivirus (Windows Defender in my case) that prevented Pillars to read the folder with save files. I tried to add exceptions to the antivirus but I didn't manage to solve the issue, so when I launch the game I have to disable the antivirus, load the game then alt-tab to desktop and re-enable the AV. It sucks but at least I can play.
  3. Hello, The game doesn't allow me to load saves games anymore. The first few times it happened I had to exit and restart the game a few times and at some point the "continue" button was returning clickable, but now even this isn't working anymore. The saves are there in my user\Saved Games\Pillars of Eternity II folder, but the game doesn't see them. I checked the output log it has a couple entries with access denied to AppData\Local\Temp\Obsidian Entertainment\Pillars of Eternity II\TempSaveData I tried deleting the folder, recreating it, running the game as admin etc. Nothing w
  4. I don't understande if it's a bug or I'm doing something wrong, but i can't sleep in the keep. If I use the camp button in any room I'm told I can't sleep in that area. I can only camp outside using camp supplies.
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