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  1. I have the exact same problem -- with an axe icon for Aloth.
  2. (a) Game is still crashing on load screens in Defiance Bay. (b) I clicked a weapon icon on my companion character (Aloth) and now it floats and is stuck. © I am not sure if this is a bug -- but I can't enter the Lighthouse stairwell with my party. The party both individually and collectively won't enter the room. This is all occurring on a mid-2014 Mac.
  3. I had a very similar thing happen, where the entire Sanitorium turned hostile and the Soul in the Stone did not want to speak to me any longer, although I believe the quest NPCs did not turn hostile. I happened to threaten to break the legs of our friendly soul thief and Azo the animancer asked me What had I done, and I proceeded to dispense justice upon him as well. I had just assumed it was because of my violent choices that the entire place decided I was a threat. If it was a bug that would be disappointing as a narrative matter! Could we have a dev say whether this is a bug/not bug at the very least?
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