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  1. Naturally, the people who complain about being offended are the ones who unironically tweet "Kill all men". https://archive.today/56XGn https://archive.today/GaUcF https://archive.today/rJTjG https://archive.today/NviKC https://archive.today/OnIuA https://archive.today/Symxm https://archive.today/eKYQh
  2. And as usual, the person being offended is a hypocrite and a lunatic. https://archive.today/rJTjG https://archive.today/Symxm https://archive.today/GaUcF https://archive.today/56XGn https://archive.today/NviKC I wonder, will Obsidian choose to pander to these extremists over their core customers?
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