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  1. Even after installing the 1.03 Patch, the issue is still here and still no update...
  2. Is there any developer who can provide an update? I'd like remind that, like thousands of gamers, we the right to play and enjoy the game we've paid for, and not being annoyed by bugs staining our gaming experience. I really wonder if there was a QA phase for this game...
  3. If it can be of any help: error.txt file: http://pastebin.com/yWvmtAqP output_log.txt file: http://pastebin.com/DAd7fkaC report.ini file: http://pastebin.com/WVgGWXDS Here is the stracktrace of the core: Seems there is some kind of problem with the Steam API when the CloseCharacterCreation method is called. ========== OUTPUTING STACK TRACE ================== (0x5DDA5D99) (CSteamworks): (filename not available): ISteamUserStats_SetAchievement + 0x9 (0x1A81FD19) (Mono JIT code): (filename not available): (wrapper managed-to-native) Steamworks.NativeMethods:ISteam
  4. Hi, I am currently at begining of the game, at the Hound Dog to be more precise. I am trying to recruit a lv 2 companion in my party but the game crashes EACH time after the character creation. The screen goes black then I have the following error message: Has anyone encountered this issue yet? Is there any workaround because It is very annoying. I've just bought the game and I'm already putting the game on hold because I can't do something as simple as hiring a new party member... I've attached the output_log.txt file. I still have the crash reports if needed. Thanks for your
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