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  1. Yes! You are the best! Thanks for investigating that particular issue, it was tripping me up too and I had finished all of the side quests/god quests and had no idea what I was missing to convince him.
  2. Wow it is not very obvious that the Dozens quest(s) will shut you out from other factions. As someone stated all they say is that the Knights "will not be happy" which sounds like a pretty offhand comment. There's nothing that indicates it's not a normal fetch quest. I don't see why one quest would piss off the Thieves house enough that they won't even chill with me after I bring them a sweet gem before they even ask for it.
  3. It's weird because this behavior is so inconsistent. The first few battles they behaved normally. Then they were hostile during the battles. The last battle I had, they were friendly until immediately after the battle ended upon which they turned hostile. I made sure not to use AoE attacks during that fight so I know that wasn't the issue.
  4. Yes, I'm having the same issue. Weird since in attacks outside the great hall they work normally. I guess for now the workaround is just to dismiss hirelings before those battles.
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