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  1. I would have enjoyed a romance element to the game, honestly. And by this, I do not mean specifically sex. I would have enjoyed that over time, depending on dialog choices and how well you click with a character, to start having options in the dialog tree which could point towards a relationship. And they could be entirely optional so you could ignore them alltogether if you're not interested in this sort of thing. Admitedly, I am very early in the game but the companions I have so far seem like an awful lot of fun and I for one, would have enjoyed to have my char be able to take things fu
  2. Well, I can't say much about most of the points since I did not find them so irksome but I have to say, I have to agree on the spell bit. I am playing on Normal and chose a wizard as a class. I have the autopause when combat starts option active but it can only do so much. It pretty much gives me enough time to cast a Shield (forgot what the actual name of the 1st level spell is) on myself and that is about it. The spells are slow so before I can even cast anything AOE, the NPCs already rearrange themselves to get well out of range, which, unless I am dealing with ranged enemies such as ar
  3. The ring and the piglet showed up in my inventory without a problem, however, the other extra content did not show up in my Steam folder. (I have the pre-ordered Royal edition). So if you are running your game off Steam, you could try the solution they presented here: http://forums.obsidian.net/blog/7/entry-176-steam-how-to-access-your-extra-content/ Since both the extra content and preorder material are considered as DLC, the issues may be related.
  4. I was asking myself the same thing actually. I kind of figured that perhaps not all lines were voiced, but I did wonder about the system they used for determining which were important to the plot and which not... I guess it also did not help that some of them were cut half way thorugh the text (like saying only the last 2 words in a sentence). Did anybody else experience this?
  5. There is a companion quest for Aloth? I had no idea! I saw that there was one for Eder but I had no idea Aloth had one as well.... Is it triggerred later, I wonder? As opposed to you, I did recruit him when he first oferred so I am not sure if this is a timing issue...
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