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  1. Hard fight even on lower difficulties. My method was as follows 1. 3 Melee characters-1 Fighter, 1 Paladin, 1 Bard Guy; 3 Casters -1 Cipher (me), 1 Wizard, 1 Priest 2. Close formation with a melee on 3 sides and a wall at the back. 3. Potions at the ready, rest in the Inn before hand and eat some food. 4. Place a trap if you have one. 5.Use one of your melee to trigger the fight then run back to formation without getting engaged. 6. The spirits will try to take out your cipher as they are weak to mind attacks; so your priests job is to stay next to the cipher at all times. 7. Get
  2. I got this issue as well in the Keep Sewers notfar from where you enter. The work around I used is to knock the party member prone, I did with with fighters knock down abilty, when the stuck character is down give it a new location to go to and keep clicking. I did this and it works straight away.
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